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This site is closed for 2018. It will be updated to be used in 2019 to enter races and receive Staywell codes. Please check back later.

I hereby certify that I ran the race I am about to enter during the 2017 calendar year. All insurance coverage provided under the Plan is based on the truthfulness of statements made by participants, either in a written enrollment form, verbally or otherwise. Insurance coverage can be voided, and any claims erroneously paid can be recovered by the Plan, if such coverage was provided, or claim paid, based on any misrepresentation or fraudulent misstatement made by any BP employee or any BP Plan participant. I understand that BP will audit my response, and if I'm found to have answered fraudulently, my BP health coverage for 2017 may be reduced to the Standard Health Plan Option. In addition, any fraudulent statement will be considered a violation of the BP Code of Conduct.


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